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The Oak Tree Restaurant

Upon opening, the Oak Tree Restaurant will be subject to modifications and health and safety measures in line with Welsh Government guidance, to keep guests and staff safe and secure. Find out all the important information, here.

Ideal for a delicious breakfast, family night out or relaxing meal for two, the menu is packed full of delicious, authentic dishes made to suit a range of tastes with a little dash of Welsh inspiration.


Locally Sourced, Quality Ingredients

From the traditional Neapolitan recipe used to create our pizza dough to ricotta and spicy sausages hand made in our kitchen, our team of chefs work hard to keep your taste buds tingling.


Fusion Cuisine

While we follow traditional Italian techniques, all ingredients used at the Oak Tree are inspired by Pembrokeshire.

Our team of chefs collaborate closely with local suppliers to create their menus and ensure only the best ingredients make it onto your plate.


A Taste Of Something Special

Our menus change with the season, so there's always something new to try when you come to stay. It also means we can tailor our menu to include only the best produce available at different times of year.

Of course, even we have our firm favourites, and we can guarantee our mouthwatering pizzas will never go out of style.


Something For Everyone

Our menus include children's, vegan and gluten-free options, so no-one has to miss out on indulging!

Make sure to get in touch ahead of your reservation if you have specific allergies not addressed on the menu, and we'll be happy to accommodate.


Oak Tree Breakfast

Start your day at the Oak Tree and pick from our delicious Breakfast Menu. Filled with classic brunch options and a few extras, it's the perfect way to begin your Bluestone day.

Please Note: Breakfast is not currently at the Oak Tree.



The Oak Tree offers a takeaway option, so you can pick up a mouth-watering pizza and enjoy it while relaxing in your lodge, a perfect night!
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